Xu Shen (申旭)

Morningside Center of Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: Morningside Center of Mathematics, No. 55, Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China

Email : shen AT math.ac.cn

My research interests include Arithmetic Geometry, Langlands Program, and p-adic Hodge Theory. Currently, I am working on various aspects of Shimura Varieties, Rapoport-Zink Spaces, Automorphic Forms, and so on.


Papers and preprints 


   Spring/Summer Semester 2016, Wednesday 13:30-15:10, N308, Zhongguancun Campus, UCAS

   Fall/Winter Semester 2015/16, Thursday 14:00-16:00, Quan 29, BICMR / N818, AMSS