Homepage of Yichao Tian (田一超)  

I am now a faculty member at the Moringside Center of Mathematics, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am working on arithmetic algebraic geometry, and particularly interested in p-divisible groups, p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic modular forms, and the geometry of Shimura varieties in characteristic p.  Here is my CV.  

Address: Morningside Center of Mathematics,  No. 55, Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China

Email: yichaotATmath.ac.cn

Publication and Prepublication: 

  1. On Tate conjecture for the special fibres of some unitary Shimura varieties (Joint work with David Helm & Liang Xiao).
  2. Tate cycles on some quaternionic Shimura varieties mod p (Joint work with Liang Xiao).
  3.  p-adic cohomology and classicality of overconvergent Hilbert modular forms (Joint work with Liang Xiao), submitted.
  4. On Goren-Oort stratification for quaternionic Shimura varieties (Joint work with Liang Xiao).
  5. Modularity lifting theorem in parallel weight one and applications to the Artin conjecture: the tamely ramified case (Joint work with Payman Kassaei and Shu Sasaki), Forum of Mathematics, Sigma (2014), Vol. 2, e. 18, 58 pages.
  6. Classicality of overconvergent Hilbert modular forms: case of quadratic inert degree, to appear in Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Universit`a di Padova.
  7. An upper bound on the ramification filtration of finite group schemes and application, Algebra and Number Theory, Vol. 6, No. 2 (2011), 231-242.
  8. Canonical subgroups of Barsotti-Tate groups, Annals of Mathematics, 172 No.2 (2010), 955-988.
  9. p-adic monodromy of the universal deformation of a HW-cyclic Barsotti-Tate group, Documenta Mathematica, 14 (2009), 397-440.

Notes not destinated for publication: 

  1. Faisceaux Pervers,  A student seminar talk in a course of Luc Illusie, 2004-2005.
  2. Classification des schemas en groupes d'ordre p (d'apres Oort-Tate), A seminar talk in University Paris 13 around 2008.
  3. Calculs des Ext^i d'un groupe et module de Dieudonne, A seminar talk in University Paris 13 around 2005.
  4. De la ramification aux sous-groupes canoniques, A talk at a conference at Roscoff, 2009.?
  5. Notes on Tate's Thesis, Notes for a course at Tsinghua Summer School, 2011.
  6. Lectures on Algebraic Number Theory, notes for a course at Tsinghua, 2014.

P.h. D. Thesis: 

Sous-groupes canoniques et monodromie p-adiques des groupes de Barsotti-Tate, under the supervision of Professor Ahmed Abbes, defended on November 19th, 2007 at University Paris 13. 

Seminars in Long Term:


Undergraduate Courses: 

1. Algebraic Number Theory, 2014 Spring at Tsinghua University. 
   Location: 清华学堂102
   Time: Monday & Wednesday 19:20-20:55, Feburary 24th-June 11th.
   The notes of the course can be found here.