Visa Application

Welcome to visit Morningside Center of Mathematics!  

If you are invited to visit MCM, be sure your passport is current and valid no less than 6 months. Please visit the website below to get more information:

For visa applying,we have three main recommendations:

1. L Visa (Tourist Category)

L visas allow short stays, usually 30 days and less than 90 days, and cannot be extended upon expiry. 

You can apply for it with your itinerary including air ticket booking record (round trip) and proof of a hotel reservation, etc. 

2. F Visa (Business Category)

F visa allows stays usually less than 6 months, and cannot be extended upon expiry.

You are required to provide an invitation letter from MCM (if hotel reservation is needed, you can contact us).

To get this, please send your personal information (as listed below) to us (

The information should include: 

Passport Homepage

Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport number, Passport expiration date


Date of arrival and departure

3. Z Visa (Work Category)

Z visa is for employment over 90 days and can be valid for several years. A Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit is necessary for the Z visa applications.

To get this, please prepare documents listed below and submit them to Staff in MCM (, we will help you apply for it.

Documents Necessary



Copy of Contract (the Chinese version)

Details of work, payment, time span, and position should be included with the applicant’s signature.


Copy of Work Experience Confirmation Letter and the Chinese version

It should be issued by the previous employer including details of work, time span, contact person and official seal of the previous employer.


Copy of valid Physical Examination Report

It should be issued by foreign or Chinese medical organizations verified by the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. A report is valid for 6 months.


Copy of diploma of highest degree, its authentication and the Chinese version

It should be authenticated by Chinese embassies/consulates in your country, embassies/consulates of your country in China, authentication agency in your country, or Chinese diploma authentication agencies.


Copy of Certificate of Non-Criminal Records with its authentication and the Chinese version

It should be authenticated by the police, security, law departments, or authentication agency in your country or habitual place of residence, Chinese embassies in your country, or embassies of your country in China. Certificate of Non-Criminal Records obtained in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan should be authenticated by local authentication agencies. A report is valid for 6 months.


Copy of valid passport

Photo page and visa page(Valid no less than 6 months)


Electronic photo

2-inch passport photo taken within 6 months (JPG format)

No matter how you apply for a visa, we will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us ( We hope you will have a great time at MCM!