• Ruishen Zhao (赵瑞屾)

    Office: Siyuan Building 913
    Research interest: number theory and representation theory

Morningside Center of Mathematics, No.55, Zhongguancun East Road, 
Beijing, 100190, China
Personal information: 
I'm currently a postdoc at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, Beijing, China.
My research interest mainly lies in number theory and representation theory, especially topics around Langlands program. More precisely, I’m particularly interested in geometry of Shimura varieties and its arithmetic applications. 
My thesis is about the construction of special cycles with certain distribution relations on Shimura varieties. In particular we introduce a new method to produce cycles with norm relations. 
At present, I'm focus on questions about Galois deformation rings, trying to explore more about the relations between such deformation rings and Shimura varieties. This will help us understand Ihara lemma, level raising and so on. 

Education & Career :
2019/09-2022/07  Ph.D     Sorbonne University, Paris, France (Supervisor: Christophe  Cornut)
2018/09-2019/06  Master  Sorbonne University, Paris, France
2014/09-2018/06  B.S       Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Publications & Preprints:
1. (Preprint) Special cycles on orthogonal Shimura varieties, Ruishen Zhao, arxiv: 2111.07475.