Sino-French Conference on Algebraic Geometry
(in Memory of Prof. Gang Xiao)

Sino-French Conference on Algebraic Geometry
(in Memory of Prof. Gang Xiao)

This conference is dedicated to commemorating the 10th anniversary of the pass away in 2014 of Professor Gang Xiao. Professor Gang Xiao was a pioneer in algebraic geometry during the last two decades of 20th century, with outstanding research results on fibrations of algebraic surfaces, high-order canonical divisors, and surface automorphism groups. He has also made pioneering contributions to the development of algebraic geometry in China. In fact, Professor Gang Xiao trained the first generation of algebraic geometers in Mainland China after the Culture Revolution.

Professor Xiao was a legend in China. He was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province in 1951. Due to the Culture Revolution, his middle school education was interrupted. Then he learned by himself and got a chance to enter Jiangsu Normal College (now Suzhou University) as a student majored in English in 1976. In 1977 he was admitted to University of Science and Technology of China as a graduate student in Mathematics. In 1980 he was sent to Universite Paris XI, Orasy, France to pursue a PhD program in Mathematics, under the supervision of Professor Michel Raynaud and informally Professor Arnaud Beauville. In 1984 he got his French National PhD. Then he returned to China and became a professor at the East China Normal University. In 1992 he moved to the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Professor Xiao had broad interests and was very kind. His death in 2014 shocked his friends and colleagues.


October 21-25, 2024





Organizing Committee:

Arnaud Beauville (Université Côte d'Azur)

Baohua Fu (AMSS, CAS)

Jie Liu (AMSS, CAS)



Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS

Morningside Center of Mathematics, CAS

Sino-French International Research Network on Pure Mathematics


Invited Speakers:

Arnaud Beauville (Université Côte d'Azur)

Caucher Birkar (Tsinghua University)

Michele Bolognesi (Université de Montpellier)

Yohan Brunebarbe (Université de Bordeaux)

Jinxing Cai (Peking University)

Meng Chen (Fudan University)

Olivier Debarre (Université Paris Cité)

Daniel Faenzi (Universié de Bourgogne)

Zhiyuan Li (Fudan University)

Ngaiming Mok (The University of Hong Kong)

Nicolas Perrin (École Polytechnique)

Igor Reider (Université d'Angers)* 

Xavier Roulleau (Université d'Angers)

Erwan Rousseau (Université de Bretagne Occidentale)

Xiaotao Sun (Tianjin University)

Shengli Tan (East China Normal University)

Qizheng Yin (Peking University)

Kang Zuo (Wuhan University)

*=to be confirmed



Registration will be open during August-September. There's no registration fee, we'll provide lunches for all participants and accomodation for some participants.

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