• Renjie Lyu (吕人杰)

    Office: MCM Building(晨兴楼) 407
    Research interest: Algebraic Geometry

Morningside Center of Mathematics, 
No.55, Zhongguancun East Road, 
Beijing, 100190, China
Personal Information:
I am currently a postdoc at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, Beijing, China. My postdoc mentor is Baohua Fu. My research area is algebraic geometry. I am particularly interested in algebraic cycles, Hodge theory and hyper-Kaehler geometry.
B. S. Mathematics, Zhejiang University, July 2014.
M. A. Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis, May 2016.
Ph. D. Mathematics, University of Amsterdam, Oct. 2020. Thesis supervisor: Shen, Mingmin
PhD Thesis: Algebraic cycles on cubic hypersurfaces and Fano scheme of lines, pdf
Publications & Preprints:
Remarks on automorphism and cohomology of finite cyclic covering of projective spaces, joint with Xuanyu Pan, to appear in Math. Res. Lett., arXiv: 1705.06618.
Universal generation of the cylinder homomorphism on cubic hypersurfaces, arXiv: 1810.12394.