There are many banks near MCM that can help you with currency exchange:

1. Bank of China ( Baofusiqiao North)

2. Agricultural Bank of China (Near Junma International Hotel)

3. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Academy of Sciences South Road)


Important Telephone Numbers:

1. Emergency numbers

Police: 110

Fire: 119

Ambulance: 120

Traffic accidents: 122

2. Visas (Exit and Entry Administration of China)

Case reporting: 84015300

Fax: 84015320

Information line: 84020101



The general electric power is 220 volts in China. If you are travelling from a country that uses 110 volts (like Japan, America, Canada, etc), you may need a converter for electrical devices (for using hairdryer, electric shaver, charger, etc). If you need a converter, you can ask help from the staff at MCM 307 when you register.



If you are visiting MCM, you can purchase suitable travel insurance from your normal insurance provider, bank or travel agent. Medical insurance is strongly recommended for travelling or living in China, although it is not legally required.



The subway route map of Beijing

The map around MCM