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    Morningside Seminar on Representation Theory and Related Topics

    September 23, 2014 / We will have regular seminar talks focusing on Representations of algebras, Hall algebras, Quantum groups, Cluster algebras and Triangulated categories.

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    2015 International Conference on Optimization, Sparsity and Adaptive Data Analysis

    The purpose of this international conference is to bring experts from different disciplines together to exchange ideas and identify new research opportunities in analyzing large scale data in which sparsity and optimization play an essential role....

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    2014 Workshop on Number Theory

    July 20-28, 2014 / Room 110,Morningside Center of Mathematics Organizers · Professor Ye Tian (Morningside Center of Mathematics) · Professor Yangbo Ye (The University of Iowa) Sponsor Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chi...