Cuspidal admissible representations of reductive $p$-adic groups

Marie-France Vignéras
2020-01-15 10:00-11:00

Title: Cuspidal admissible representations of reductive $p$-adic groups
Speaker: Marie-France Vignéras (Université Sorbonne)
Time: 2020-01-15, 10:00-11:00
Place: MCM 110
Abstract: We prove that over any field $C$, any reductive p-adic group $G$ admits cuspidal admissible irreducible $C$-representations (work with Herzig and Koziol when the characteristic of $C$ is $p$).
Let $c=0$ or a prime number different from $p$. If  cuspidal  admissible irreducible representations of $G$    over algebraically closed fields $C$ of  characteristic $c$,  are compactly induced from open compact mod center subgroups (Morris, Moy-Prasad, Bushnell-Kutzko, J.K.Yu, Minguez-Secherre, Kurinzcuk-Skodlerak-Stephens, Fintzen, Deseine, Peiyi Cui), we prove that this holds true for any field $C$ of characteristic $c$ (work with Henniart).