Xiaokui Yang(杨晓奎)

Morningside Center of Mathematics(晨兴数学中心), Institute of Mathematics(数学所),
Academy of Mathematics and Systems ScienceChinese Academy of Sciences
Email: xkyang at amss. ac.cn   

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Office                     Siyuan Building(思源楼) 1004

Research Interests   complex differential geometry, complex algebraic geometry, geometric analysis

Teaching and Seminars 

      1.  International conference on complex geometry and several complex variables, Morningside Center of Mathematics,  AMSS, CAS, 2018/7/23-2018/7/27.  You can register on this website.
      2. Professor Lei Wu  delivered a summer mini-course "Introduction to analytic D-modules and applications in complex algebraic geometry" from June 2 to June 22. The detailed course syllabus is here.
      3.  Professor Valentino Tosatti  visited AMSS and gave a course on "Analytic techniques in algebraic geometry" from Oct. 17 to Nov. 9. The detailed course syllabus is here
      4.  Joint algebraic geometry seminar (Fall, 2016) on "Cubic Threefolds".  Tuesday 13:00-15:00, N913.
      5.  Joint algebraic geometry seminar (Spring, 2016).  Monday 13:00-15:00, N913.  We  discussed several papers on Fujita's freeness conjecture on adjoint linear series by using methods in algebraic geometry. 
      6.  Joint differential geometry seminar (Spring, 2016).  Saturday 9:30-12:00, N902.  We  discussed the self-contained book "An introduction to extremal Kahler metrics",  GSM 152, by Gabor Szekelyhidi.

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