Title: Cube sum problems
Speaker: Dr. Hongbo Yin (MCM)
Time: 2018-5-23, 9:30-11:00
Place: N818
Abstract: In this talk, I will explain my recent joint work with Jie Shu and Xu Song which says that if p is a prime congruent to 2 or 5 mod 9, then at least one of 3p and 3p^2 is cube sum. I will introduce some background of the cube sum problem first and then focus on the proof of our results. As comparison, if time permit, I will also explain the proof of Satge's classical result that if p is a prime congruent to 2 mod 9 then 2p is a cube sum and also the proof of Dasgupta and Voight's work on Sylvester conjecture.